~ About Me ~

HELLO!  I am Tiffany Cleveland!  I am originally a Pennsylvanian, I am an Air Force veteran, and I have been decluttering homes and lives for over five years!

~ Our Story ~

    James and I met in the Air Force in 2004. Between us, we have a lot of traveling and 10 change-of-duty stations. Within the first 12 years we had acquired a lot of STUFF.  In 2016, after buying a house locally, we wanted a change because we were feeling kind of stuck.  We didn't want a house full of things; we wanted to walk into the front door after work and feel a sense of peace. So, like everyone else, I read Marie Kondo's book 'The Japanese Art of Tidying Up' and the rest was history.  After decluttering our own home, my friends loved the idea so much that they asked me to help them with theirs!  Then their neighbors saw the change and asked me to help them!  I've coached people locally, in other states, and even over FaceTime.  I've coached stay-at-home moms clean out their closets, a woman revamp her whole house, artists organize their studios, and professionals declutter their offices.      

    Honestly, I knew that decluttering would allow us more physical space in our home. I didn't realize that it would afford me emotional space (clutter is stressful!) and more time (from cleaning and moving piles around).  Decluttering really does afford a sense of subtle peace and motivation to do what drives you.


I would be happy to help you move out what doesn't move you anymore.  =)

My Best,