H. Chilcote - Goldsboro, NC - 2018


Tiffany is amazing! I needed her help organizing and decluttering our outdoor shed. Our goal for that space is to have it be my husband’s man cave, but it just became the drop off for all the junk! In just 2 hours we were able to get piles together for trash, donate, and keep. And then put all the keep stuff back in a much more organized and functional manner! My husband actually has a shed now! If I had tried to do that myself it would’ve taken weeks, but Tiffany was there to answer my questions and to help motivate me to make fast, practical decisions, rather than overthinking everything and taking forever (which is how my organizing usually goes!). And she never pushed me to throw something away I didn’t want to. And she helped with hauling the junk away! I will definitely be calling her again!”

S. Eutsey - Tucson, AZ - 2016

In the beginning, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the “STUFF”. To spite all of my efforts to just buckle down and tackle my house, I found that I was just moving things unconsciously from one room to another. With Tiffany’s expertise, decluttering my house was fun and felt really good!

Her process is amazing and I was so grateful for the support. Now, I am in love with my space, especially my closet! I can concentrate better and breathe easier. I’m excited to spend time at home.